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I already have an accountant, why do I need a Tax Consultant as well, Tax Advisor.?

Ask yourself how long you need to wait to see your accountant, how long do you get to discuss issues and in the end are you satisfied with the reply? From a self employed cleaner to the largest corporation in the world, every business needs an accountant. Some accountants cause demise to their clients business and some assist business to fly. I am sure you have one too. If you are not entirely satisfied with the service you receive, why don’t you book an appointment with me just to discuss issues.Its not going to cost you a penny!

You sound like a tax specialist. Can you manage my accounts as well? I don’t want to employ two people to handle my accounts and finances.

We live in a socialistic pattern of society, which means a substantial give and take is involved. You earn more you pay more or you earn less you pay less and even claim to cover the deficit. So, Tax is an important factor and determinant of the equation. But, prudent accounting is the basis of determining tax liability. Prudent accounting is the thing, which is lacking almost everywhere. Tax planning is inherent of proper management of book. You are quite right, why incur more overheads when you can get all from your accountant. The bottom line is tax on your disposable income and the trick is how to keep the disposable to the nominal to attract less tax liability.

What sort of things can you do for me?

An accountant’s job is to assist you to comply with the HMRC rules and regulations by submitting required information data in time. I.e. submitting SAR, VAT returns, CT600 (Corporation Tax Return) in time. Your duty is to make money where you are best at and leave the rest to me. All you have to do is submit your Expenses and Income invoices to my office at a regular time interval depending on the scale of your operation. You shall see me at least once in a two month period to watch over my work and understand your data.

Is this like Tax avoidance? Isn’t that illegal?

Well, tax evasion is illegal. What I have seen in my career as accountant that small business tend to burn their income receipts and keep their expenses to book. It works in the short run to keep your profit to the minimum level but this practice throws the industry ratio for Income and Expenditure to disarray. Of course, this is illegal.

But legitimate avoidance in not illegal. Say, your earning was £40k during 2012-13. All you need is £30k to run your family. You can invest £10k in pension fund and avoid tax. The bottom line is whatever money you keep in hand for spending you pay tax on it. Claiming capital allowance is another way to tax avoidance but you have to be very careful about it. If you are a limited company, you can issue share in lieu of payment that doesn’t attract tax up to a certain level.

How much do you charge?

That’s a million dollar question. The fee shall entirely depend on your financial status-co. You can see our page “Services & Charges” to get an idea.

For a good and thriving business, astute advice is more important than thinking over a few hundred quid.

Looks that you are offering much more than from my present accountant. How do I know you will deliver it?

What we can say is that not all accountants are the same. As such we do really think that what we will deliver what we are offering you. Our service is always top priority. You are more than welcome to speak with some of our existing clients to get better idea of our experience and service.

When and how can we meet?

We are quite flexible, let us know when is suitable time for you, and we will arrange a meeting. If you need and urgent meeting, we will do our best to see you very quickly.

I’ve just had my accounts done for this year, and I don’t need an accountant until next year, do I need to contact you now?

We want to make sure that everyone understands the importance of tax planning. In an ideal world, you do tax planning before the start of the financial year. As we like to say, we are not just reporting, we are planning.

Why should I change accountants and how easy is it to change?

If your existing accountant is offering you an excellent service at an honest fee, then stay with them. However, different accountants will save you different tax amounts and give different business advice. If your present accountant doesn’t bring the service you want and we do offer, then changing over is very easy. It involves just one letter from you and we take care of all the rest. Your existing accountant shouldn’t charge you for providing the normal handover information.

What information do you need to receive a quote and advice from Advantax?

To be as accurate as possible, we need to get an idea of the amount of work involved. A very brief review of your books and records and a copy of your last financial accounts prepared by your current accountant will be need it. If there’s anything you think it can be relevant to know, please mention it in the quote request.

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