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How to Start a New Business

Becoming self-employed in the United Kingdom is very common with over 15% of all employees being registered as self-employed workers. If you are moving to the United Kingdom from abroad for self-employment as either a sole trader small business owner or a freelancer, UK business opportunities are that you may wish to take advantage of.

The process of becoming self-employed can be daunting, but with the right guidance it is possible to set up your business as soon as possible. The first step is to ensure you are legally allowed to operate your business. This can be done by finding out if you are permitted to work in your home country and then applying for a license/registration from the appropriate authorities in the United Kingdom.

Once you are sure you are legally permitted to operate your business, the next step is to find out how to start a business in the UK. There are several different options available. You can choose to open a limited company, a corporation, or a sole trader or as a limited partnership. Depending on your circumstances and the size of your business, choosing the right type of company will determine the structure and financial structure of your business.

How We Can Help You

If you are considering how to start a business in the UK then you will also need to find out what legal requirements are required of you before you set up a company or partnership. There are several different legal forms you need to fill out to establish your company. The main forms are: the Articles of Association, Registration of Business, Registration of Company, Trade Marks, Certificate of Incorporation, and Company Number and Registration. These forms need to be filled out carefully so you do not miss any important details.

Once you have completed these forms, you will need to take the time to explain them to your lawyer, or accountant if you are setting up your business. You will also need to get the necessary licenses from the appropriate government agencies for running your business. These licenses must be renewed periodically.

At Advantax Accountants, we have helped many people startup a new business in Southall and all over the UK. We have years of the experience which can help you throughout the business setup process. From deciding what types of business you should start to getting it registered after fulfilling the legal requirements, we help you throughout the process.

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If you like to get our New Business Startup services or know more about it, we invite you to contact us. We will inform you not only completely about our services, but also give you an idea how we can help you in this regard.