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Corporate Taxes

All private limited companies in the UK are required to pay their taxes, usually known as Corporate Tax. This tax is on their income as well as their assets. A limited company must make tax returns on a yearly basis though you also have option to pay these taxes on quarterly or monthly basis. You need Corporation Tax Return form to file these returns, which can be sent both manually and online. Tax returns are sent to HMRC.

How We Can Help You

The concerned government department sends you Corporation Tax Return by email and after receiving it, you usually have six months to file it. If you wait until April, you might not receive your Corporation Tax Return before April 30th. Therefore, you should get your Corporation Tax Return in time for the April deadline.

Before you can send your tax returns online, you must prepare your company’s annual accounts properly. Your company balance sheet must be prepared properly i.e. your total assets should match what you owe. You need Gateway user ID and password as well as the password and their authentication code provided by Companies House.

Advantax Accountants have a team of professionals to help you throughout the process of preparing corporate tax returns and then sending them in time.  

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