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How Do I Pay My VAT Bill?

Nobody wants to pay their bills, but at least HMRC wants to make paying a VAT invoice easier. There are several ways to pay for them.

Can I Pay My VAT Bill Over the Phone?

No, you cannot call HMRC and pay taxes over the phone, but you can use your bank’s telephone banking service. There is a phone number you can call if you have an urgent question about your VAT number: 0300 200 3700.

Automatic Collection

You have the option to pay your quarterly VAT payments via direct debit when registering for the online VAT service. HMRC will only charge the amount on your VAT return and will not use it to get any other money you need.

Can I Still Pay My VAT Bill Online?

You can pay online. There are costs involved in paying by credit or debit card. The fee is not refundable. If you pay with a personal debit card, there is no charge.

You can change your existing direct debit payment method online, but you are subscriber-only. If not, complete a paper application to prove direct debit and submit it to HMRC. They will send you a letter once set up confirming when the first payment will be made.

Online Payment Card

If you have a UK business debit or credit card, you can pay your VAT invoice online. HMRC does not allow taxpayers to pay their VAT bills with a personal credit card.

To make the payment, you will need your VAT number and card details.

Please note that credit card payments may be subject to transaction fees. Unfortunately, you cannot pay fines, surcharges, or interest with this payment method.

Telephone and Internet Banking or BACS

You can pay your VAT invoice by bank transfer to an HMRC account. Don’t forget to mention your VAT number as a reference!

It usually takes around three business days to deposit the money into an HMRC account. As auditors, it is our duty to remind you that it may take longer, so be sure to approve the transfer well in advance.


You can also pay your VAT invoice via CHAPS. This is an automatic payment received by HMRC the same day you approve it. Re-enter your VAT number for reference.

Standing Order

Create a standing order for HMRC to pay your VAT invoice. You can do this at your bank or fill out a standing order form at HMRC.