Where Can I Find My UTR Number?

Your UTR number is something HMRC uses to identify you as a taxpayer. UTR stands for Unique Taxpayer Reference (Number). HMRC sends you a UTR number when you sign up for the self-assessment (essentially, when you inform HMRC that you are earning tax-free income).

Here are some of the scenarios in which you may need to file a tax return:

  • Independent worker
  • Investors (stocks, crypto, property, etc.)
  • You earn more than £ 100,000
  • Construction worker
  • Owner
  • You are employed but have a secondary activity

Once you receive your UTR number, it will never change. So if you lose it, and don’t worry, it happens to all of us ?, you will receive the same number.

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What Does A UTR Look Like?

UTR numbers have ten digits and sometimes have the letter K at the end. When paying your tax bill by bank transfer, you need to add a K to the end of your UTR to use as a payment reference. So it can be like this (for example):    0123456789K

Where Can I Find My UTR Number?

Your unique tax reference number (UTR number) is a ten-digit number that can be found in HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) documents, such as:

  • Your previous tax return
  • Notice to File an Income Tax Return
  • Your payment reminders

If you cannot find your UTR number and are self-employed or in partnership, you can request your UTR number from the Self-Assessment Helpline.

If you have lost your UTR number and you are a limited company, you will need to apply for your UTR corporation tax using the online form here.

How Do I Get My UTR Number?

Here’s what to do, and keep in mind that once you submit your UTR number, there is more. It must also be enabled, so don’t forget to complete the following five steps:

1)Register for the HMRC online service; make sure you have these parts on hand ?

  • National insurance number
  • Home address
  • The date you started your freelance business.
  • Business address and telephone number

2)HMRC mails your UTR number (usually takes about 1 week)

3)Enrol for the self-assessment

4)HMRC will mail your UTR activation code to you (usually takes about 1 week)

5)Activate your account to access the self-assessment

  • You have 28 days to use it before it expires.