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How to Choose a Tax Advisor in London?

Do you require a tax advisor in London? Well, if you have just been laid off from your job, the search for a new one is tricky. The number of laid-off employees is at an all-time high around the UK, and it looks like it will keep on rising. As many companies are now cutting down on their employee numbers, finding a tax advisor in London may be a bit harder than you think. It is essential to find tax consultants in London that can take care of your tax affairs in such times as these. Not all tax accounting firms are equal when providing clients with their services, and it pays to know which London tax advisors are reputable.

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A wealth of knowledge about Tax Laws

It pays to find a tax advisor in London that has worked extensively within the tax sector and has developed a wealth of knowledge about tax laws. Also, it pays well if your tax advisor can show you examples of their work. The Internet is a good source of information on tax professionals in London. The online medium stream is the fastest and easiest way to reach many people.

Recommendations from Friends, Colleagues or Even Past Clients

You can also seek recommendations from friends, colleagues, or even past clients. If you have friends who worked with any tax accounting firms before, then ask them for names of reliable tax advisors in London. This would help you filter out those tax consultants that are not up to the mark. If you do not have any family or friends who can recommend reliable tax accountants in London, use the online mediums to gather enough information about the firm. You can read reviews and testimonials posted by people who have availed of the tax services of that firm.


Go and Meet the People Running those Firms

After gathering enough information about different tax accounting firms in London:

  1. Go and meet the people running those firms.
  2. Most importantly, see how your tax accountant in London treats you as a client.
  3. See how cooperative they are.

Some tax advisors in London may even take the time to meet with every client personally. A tax advisor interested in building a long-lasting relationship with his clients will be a trustworthy one.

Experienced Enough to Handle your Tax Affairs

When you consider hiring a tax advisor, make sure they are experienced enough to handle your tax affairs. An expert tax advisor will know about tax laws and tax codes in all countries. He will be well versed with the latest tax accounting software in the UK. The tax advisor should also be up-to-date with the newest tax regulations enforced across the country. Thus, it would be prudent to hire someone with an MBA in tax accounting.

Meet Your Professional and Personal Needs

If you are looking for a tax advisor in London that can meet your professional and personal needs, you need to look for someone with strong computer and net banking skills. Also, the tax advisor you hire should have the necessary accounting background and practical experience. A tax accountant in London can handle the whole affairs of your tax accounting or at least keep you informed of any changes in the system. For instance, if a new tax regulation is implemented, you will need a tax accountant in London to tell you of the implications of such law. The tax advisor should be able to provide you with valuable tips and advice on tax planning and filing, as well as options to resolve tax-related issues.

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Local Tax Accountant in London

Some smaller business owners will outsource their accounting and tax issues to a local tax accountant in London. This way, they are assured that their taxes are being dealt with properly and their tax liability will not be overlooked. By handing this responsibility over to an accounting firm, small businesses are less likely not to have their tax liability taken care of. In addition, many small businesses cannot hire several professionals to deal with all of their tax issues, so they sometimes prefer outsourcing such matters.

Trustworthy with all the Tax Rules and Regulations

If you plan to hire a tax advisor in London, look for someone familiar and trustworthy with all the tax rules and regulations in all countries. If you are a businessman, you would want a tax accountant in London who knows the ins and outs of countries like England, Canada, the US, the UK, and others. If you are a company owner, you need a tax accountant in London who can handle all your tax accounting issues and data requests. The tax accountant in London should also be adept at handling issues like compliance, audit, collection, and other legal matters about tax matters.


The tax advisor in London should be reliable and trustworthy. Do not compromise on the quality of the service provided by a tax advisor, as tax planning is one of the most important decisions you can make for your business. Find out how long the tax accountant in London has been working as a tax advisor. Ensure that their expertise and credentials are backed by a valid license from a government body like the Chartered Institute of Tax Administration. Also, ensure that the tax advisor in London has the necessary operational experience and background. You may even want to find out about testimonials from clients of the advisor in London.

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